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What's Next???

Life is full of mystery and wonder, but knowledge is power. And understanding the direction you are headed towards in your life can catapult you into the universe forcing you to co create your destiny.

What's next is what you decide. And having that inner knowledge, that inner standing is what you can access to determine what you want to happen. It's the beautiful discovery of knowing that you are truly in control of what you choose to believe and what you choose to manifest. The great part about that is that the divine wants you to want those things for yourself so that they can be your reality.

What's next is for you to become. Becoming is your transition into your rightful seat. Call is self righteous if you may, but it's the knowing your worth and what you deserve and not the lack there of that changes you into who you are becoming and ultimately who you were always meant to be.

So you tell me... What's Next???

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