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Sustaining the status of well-being

How to remain high vibrational even in uncomfortable circumstances

Staying in vibrational alignment at all times will inadvertently cause an easier flow into the life you desire to create for yourself. This morning while listening to Abraham Hicks, I had a moment of revelation. She said, and yes I am paraphrasing, that when you remain aligned with you inner/higher being vibrationally you develop the ability to reduce or even mitigate any potential of negative effects due to the unwelcome occurrences that surround you.

With further elaboration to the fact that when you sustain the status of well-being and remained vibrationally aligned, you essentially are unbothered. You won't even have to choose to participate in anything that you feel is outside of the universal flow with yours highest good, because it is in disagreement with the law of attraction.

She concludes by emphasizing how important is it to practice self-care, and only allowing what resonates with that feeling to impact you making anything less than that is just unacceptable. Omitting any undesirables from your energy space, and this includes any person, place or thing that does not match that level of vibration, prohibits you from absorbing of it. Eventually when you're able to consistently maintain that frequency of attraction to only positive things you will only allow yourself to have continuous and positive results.

Now, it is understood that this practice takes time to be implemented in your life, but once it has been initiated you will find yourself in a receptive energy. It is truly attainable, with the smallest requirement that you remain in agreement with what your higher/inner being has declared is yours. k now that your higher/inner self is extension of source, the divine, god, and their purpose is to assist you with co-create the reality associated with your heaven.

Resistance only causes delays and further perpetuates struggle throughout the journey of life.

Just remember that when choosing this bumpy road that a helmet will be needed. But if you choose the path of less resistance, and remain in flow the desires of your heat soul and spirit you permit the overflowing of peace and blessings in an abundant way.

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