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Your Life and Spiritual Accountability Coaches


Myisha Burton

Professional Certified Life Coach (ICF), Certified Mental Health and NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypnosis Therapist, Metaphysical Specialist in Mediumship and Tarot 

Myisha Burton is a certified life and acceptance coach, specializing in both commitment and hypnosis therapy . She is the Author and publisher of Awaiting the Lotus Bloom, a journey from self acceptance to self love, and the founder of the blooming lotus self acceptance program. Myisha has also completed several behavior management studies receiving certifications in behavior Modification, anger management, and prostitution prevention, which have equipped her with the fundamental  tools and techniques to provide counseling with a focus on self improvement. 


Myisha relishes In being a mother of her 3 beautiful children and in just being a woman. She loves to empower others to be their most authentic self by using meditative and Metaphysical practices, such as hypnotherapy, crystal healing, reiki, and channeling which is also performed with the use of divination tools such as tarot, oracle, and pendulum work.


Her ultimate goal with each participant is to assist them in the discovery, acceptance, and cultivation of both positive and negative aspects of their person so that they may inner-stand their purpose in life and implement them accordingly.



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