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The Blooming Lotus Self-Acceptance Program

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The 90 Day Shadow Discovery Program is designed to identify the aspects of ones self that are socially defined as negative or defective.


During the discovery phase of the program, we will review factors including childhood associated triggers, that have been influential to ones established mindset and how it has impacted their life to their betterment or detriment.

Program Includes

  • (3) 1 hour sessions per week-administered in the manner as outlined in each individual commitment agreement. (i.e. Phone, Zoom, In person).

  • 15 Additional minutes prior to start of session dedicated to spiritual discovery, with the optional use of divination tools. 

  • Weekly assignments distributed with monthly journal discussed in every session at the top of the week.
3 Month Program for $3333.00
Monthly payment option of $999.00
with deposit requirement of $333.00
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