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The Blooming Lotus

Personalized Self-Acceptance Program


The Blooming Lotus Self Acceptance Program is designed to assist individuals who are struggling with acknowledging and accepting those not so favorable aspects of who they are and embracing them to understand their true intent and purpose.

All who participate will go  through the phases of "Shadow Work", to identify the root cause of discontentment for oneself, and discover the balance need to promote love and harmony within self.


This is called the SOW method,

Strengths Overpowering Weaknesses

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Spiritual Discovery Services

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Our team offers a plethora of divination services to address clients with a need for spiritual insight. Not only do we offer the services, but have an extensive network at our disposal to assist with all your spiritual healing needs. 

Some of our services include

Tarot Readings

Oracle Readings


Meditative Hypnosis

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Awaiting the Lotus Bloom, A Journey to Self Acceptance and Self Love is a story of intentional discovery. It is a truth unignored, filled lessons justified in the consequences  that surround life. 

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Ready for some truth? Be sure to tune in beginning May 26,2021 for  a real a conversation. Join me and my sister Kabela Rose as we discuss and unpack those topics that most people wouldn't dare to even being to explore.

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